D.M. Williams' Debut Book


Williams' debut book Love In, Air In is an imaginative work of fiction which reveals to readers metaphysical concepts, romantic ideals, and cultural insights through fantastical and mystical prose.

Her characters are dynamic and ever-changing and representative of the diverse circumstances WE ALL experience as LIVING, BREATHING, human beings. She claims to have fallen in love with her characters with each word she wrote. She insists there was not an outline behind their stories...she actually wrote the story as it came to her. Readers may pick up on that spontaneity as they read--and that extension of her talent is what separates her from other talented writers.

Numbers are significant to her. The book is heavily influenced by Williams' fascination and interest in the science, mathematics, and symbolism of numerology.

Paul: Williams wanted her main male character to have 4 letters in his name. She wanted it to be a simple name which rolled off the tongue easily. She also wanted his name to be culturally ambiguous.

Lisa: Williams wanted her female protagonist to ALSO have 4 letters in her name. She has known a few LISAS in her time--and they've all touched her soul in some way or another.

Joyce: This character is inspired by her own maternal grandmother. The name is elegant and representative of her roots and the grandmother who is still very much an influential part of her life. Readers will come to learn her story, as hers merges quite elaborately with the character for her namesake. Before her grandmother ascended...Williams promised her she would write her story. Joyce is the reflection of Williams' commitment to that promise.

Robert: This character's name is inspired by the ROBERTS in Williams' life. Both familial and in passing. His character is one readers will especially empathize with. Additionally, all but a couple of her grandmother's children were fathered by a man of the same name and she wanted to remain true to that part of her grandmother's story.

Ulysses: Williams has only known one man by this name. A former student. In her opinion, this name is divine and regal much like the character himself. Since his character fully encompasses the metaphysical jewels she has come to embrace--she wanted him to have 7 letters in his name.

Marjorie: Williams wanted her to have 8 letters in her name because of the tumultuous experiences she has and the revelations her experiences will dawn on readers. Williams later found out that she had a relative of the same name whose life paralleled Marjorie's to a great extent. That knowledge gave her a sense of peaceful synchronicity.

May the readers enjoy, learn, and become enlightened through this work.







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