What HER READERS Are Saying...

I just love the book that she wrote, I gather a lot of insights from her blog as well. This is a really informative and culturally relevant website.

Johnny M.

You're so inspiring. I sincerely wish you the best in your endeavors. My honest opinion supports the idea that YOU will be the next LEADING VOICE of our generation. Of our culture. 

Cecilia calhoun, PhD.

My day starts with checking for new blogs from D.M. Williams. It's a refreshing site full of expertly written material. Well done. Please do keep it up, sister.

Marshall harrell

Talent. Pure talent. If there are any writers of our day who should be credited with expanding the minds of our people and our youth--it is this writer here.

Yancy Chen

She’s inspiring. With a REAL talent and WAY with words. I heard she’s a teacher. Those students must be sharp. I look forward to her next book. Boy, I look forward to that next book!

Frank K. Wilson